Looking for creative gift wrapping ideas? Everyone remembers a spectacular gift after all, and if you’re hoping your recipients clamor to open your presents first, keep searching for those personal touches that will make your gifts stand out. Even if you’re that bachelor/bachelorette who wraps your gifts in newspaper…or no wrapping at all…. Honestly, though, the latter, while the former can be cute, just makes a bad impression. See below for some easy gift wrapping ideas to augment this week’s batch of professionally-matched comics oeuvres.

The Stay-at-Home Parent – Kids are Weird and Other Observations About Parenting by Jeffrey Brown. Strange happenings of the parenting kind. Tender and hilarious.

Wrapping: Grab a Huggies bag and tape it so you’ve got a baby bottom right up front. Too cute! Don’t have any diapers handy? Follow that always-kitsch, always-cute idea mentioned above and keep a newspaper running: wrap this book in the comics’ section. Put your favorite funny front-and-center.

The Teacher – Unflattening: Thinking Through Comics by Nick Sousanis. A new take on metacognition. This book teaches how to think through comics. Great for personal practice.

Wrapping: Brown paper bag, ‘nuff said. Still have the chops to cover a textbook? Go for it! Otherwise, draw an apple on it. Or grab an apple sticker. They’ll love it. Promise.

The Waiter – Jar of Fools by Jason Lutes. A stage magician, a man, and a child. All homeless. The diner is just a part of the story.

Wrapping: A small gift? Use a Chinese take-out container: a new one, please. Otherwise, use a take-out menu. Just not from their restaurant. They probably don’t want to see that one when they’re off shift. For a gift tag? A receipt of course!

The Paralegal – Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Volume 1 by Stan Lee and Wallace Wood. Spend some time with Matt Murdock, one of our greatest modern lawyers.

Wrapping: Paralegal’s do a lot for very little. Give them the best metallic bag you can find. Or something sparkly. Shine bright like a diamond, Para.

The Librarian – Alice in Sunderland: An Entertainment by Bryan Talbot. The multi-layered, true story of Alice Lidell, the one-and-only Wonderland child, and her local environs.

Wrapping: Skip the wrapping here. Give a card instead, promising to donate a copy of their gift to your local library branch.

The Train Conductor – Wagon Train by Dell Comics. Aaah, those bygone train days. Get along little doggy and try this one out!

Wrapping: Anything train related will do. Maps, tickets, from their rail line in possible. The wrapping then becomes part of the present!

As you can see, wrapping is part of the fun. Take a cue from your recipient’s profession to make your gift wrapping ideas as easy and unique as possible.

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