From corporate needs to big celebrations of life, comic stories make perfect:

Marketing Materials

Grab your customers’ attention with eye-catching business comics. Make that personal connection between your customers and your brand in a way they won’t soon forget.

Marketing comics come alive in this custom business comic strip, featuring a superhero solving customer car issues.
Business comic for a corporate presentation depicting superheroes involved in community activities.

Corporate Presentations

No more watching a conference room full of people nodding off to your PowerPoint! Keep them awake with a comic book that tells them what the company achieved in the last year and what exciting developments are on the horizon.

Announcements and Invitations

From large-scale gala events, to birthday parties and wedding announcements, your invitation can be like nothing anyone on your list has ever seen. Make your event stand out from the start!

Comic book wedding invitations, with a creative twist on dress code communication.
Promotional marketing comics with personalized custom illustrations where a superhero teacher making math exciting for a student.

Educational Resources

Teachers sometimes struggle to connect with their students. Graphic novels are one of the easiest ways to appeal to reluctant readers and have an instant appeal. What better way to get students excited to read, to engage with a difficult subject, or to just have fun?

Marketing comics featuring a Superman-like superhero revealing a pie chart, symbolizing data analysis, business, and corporate presentation on his chest.

…And Much More

Want to make a lasting impression on your audience?
Unleash the power of visual storytelling with a custom comic book.
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Here at your comic story, we believe that messages in graphic format can build bridges between businesses and customers, inspire audiences, and delight loved ones — and that they can reach people in ways that traditional approaches don’t.

Our community of writers, illustrators, and marketers will work with your ideas and create a one-of-a-kind adventure, to tell your story like no other medium can. The characters we design are drawn from your photos, and the story elements come from the details you share with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Comics

Q: What types of businesses use custom comics?

A: All types of companies use business comics, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Comic books are a versatile medium that can help communicate your message, no matter what industry you’re in.

Q: What are some common uses for business comics?

A: Business comics are often used for marketing campaigns, B2B marketing, employee training, product launches, corporate events, trade show giveaways, and more. They allow you to explain complex ideas through personalized storytelling and custom visuals.

Q: How can custom comics improve my marketing?

A: Custom comic books make your content more engaging, memorable and shareable. The visual storytelling helps people connect with your brand on an emotional level. Comics stand out from other marketing materials.

Q: Are comic books only for B2C companies?

A: Absolutely not! Custom comics are highly effective for both B2B and B2C companies. They help simplify complex services/products for your customers in an entertaining way.

Q: How much do custom business comics cost?

A: Costs vary based on the number of pages, the complexity of the custom artwork, whether it’s print or digital, and other factors. Many options are available to fit different budgets. Contact us for a quote.

Q: How long does it take to create promotional comic books?

A: The time required to create promo comic books can vary, depending on the length of the story, whether it’s print or digital, and the time of the year. Like most companies, we get busier as major holidays approach, so the earlier we start, the better. Contact us for a production timeline estimate for your promotional comics!

Q: Can you use our brand’s style guide in our comic books?

A: Yes, we’ll follow your brand guidelines for color scheme, fonts, tone, etc. Your business comics will match your corporate identity.

Q: Can you incorporate our mascot or characters in our custom comics?

A: Definitely. We can work any existing brand characters or mascots into the story. Or we can help you develop new illustrated comic book or cartoon versions of real employees and founders. The options are endless!

Q: Do you offer any guidance on storytelling?

A: Absolutely. Our team will work with you to craft the right story for your promo comics. We provide writing support, scene ideas, feedback, and any other assistance you need to reach your marketing goals.

Q: Can corporate artwork help with employee onboarding?

A: Yes! Custom comics are a great way to engage new hires and explain company history, values, processes, and more in an entertaining, memorable way. The visuals help information stick.

Q: How can custom illustrations improve internal communications?

A: Custom comics allow you to communicate important initiatives, changes, or company news to employees in a fun and attention-grabbing way. The casual tone and visuals help workers better absorb the message.

Q: Can you make comic books for holidays, like Christmas?

A: Holiday comics make excellent gifts for clients, employees, and partners. You can create festive, branded comics for any major holidays, including Christmas. Just remember, major holidays are a busy season for us (and for printing and shipping companies too), so we recommend contacting us as early as possible.

Q: How can personalized comics be used for employee gifts?

A: Custom comics and superhero portraits make perfect employee presents. You can start a hall of fame with custom portraits for the employees of the month, or create a personal comic book as an anniversary or retirement gift, highlighting an employee’s journey and accomplishments, showing how much you appreciate them.


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