Most engaging wedding invite ever?

Comic Book Wedding Invitations tell the full love story!

A couple's love story illustrated on our personalized wedding invites in a comic book style

You can now tell your love story and share the good news with custom-created comic book wedding invitations, giving your guests a keepsake to cherish forever.

Nothing gets better than this!

Unique, creative wedding invites featuring bespoke comic book art

Reimagine the invite as an actual love story that:

  • Breaks the big news in a fun and memorable way

  • Offers a glimpse of your very own love story

  • Invites guests to be a part of the greatest adventure of your life

For wedding invitations, we will work with you to create an invitation your wedding guests will never forget. We will use pictures of you and other relevant characters to create an invitation story based on your real life.

Everything will be custom, so it will be YOUR story.

The guests will feel a part of the wedding months before the actual event – and will cherish the invites for years after.

Sample of our cartoon wedding invites, custom-made for comic book lovers

Make your wedding invites unforgettable!
Contact us now to bring your love story to life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Comic Book Wedding Invitations:

Q: Why are comic book invitations better than regular invites?

A: Comic book wedding invitations are so much more than paper invites. They are wedding keepsakes commemorating your love story in a creative way. Each invitation will be a cherished memento for years to come.

Q: Can part of our comic invitation be turned into our wedding sign?

A: Great idea! We can collaborate with you to design an invitation scene or character that seamlessly translates into your wedding signage and decor.

Q: What details do you need to create a custom comic invitation?

A: We work closely with each couple to incorporate their personalities, relationship history, interests, and vision. Simply tell us about yourself, provide your wedding details, photos, color preferences, and anything that will help us tell your unique love story.

Q: Can you incorporate other wedding participants like bridesmaids or groomsmen?

A: Absolutely! Comic book invitations can showcase relationships with the wedding party in fun, creative ways. We can build stories around proposal details, bridal/groom events, dress code, or inside jokes.

Q: How can comic book invitations be made formal enough for a wedding?

A: We can render comic book invitations in an elegant artistic style, complete with formal wording, for the big day. The comic medium allows limitless customization to match the couple’s vision.

Q: What information should be included on a wedding invitation?

A: Key details are the couple’s names, wedding date, time, ceremony and reception locations, RSVP info, and wedding website/details. Other optional details are dress code, description of the religious rituals and traditions, transportation notes, accommodation info, or registry details.

Q: How early should wedding invitations be sent out?

A: Send invitations at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding. This gives guests enough notice to make travel plans and arrange schedules. Save the dates can be sent out 6-12 months before.

Q: Should invitation envelopes be handwritten or printed?

A: Handwritten envelopes add a personal touch but printed is usually more practical for most guest lists over 50. For printed envelopes, use calligraphy or a font that matches the invitations.