How to come up with unique gift ideas? There are always classic gifts: candy and flowers for women, cologne and ties for men. These gifts are classy but boring. Of course, there is jewelry, watches, and golf clubs to up the ante. Still, even that tends to seem unoriginal.

So how do you give someone a unique gift?

One way to find an original gift is to go way off into left field, where the surprise value alone makes the gift special. For example, the top answer on Quora is a guy buying for his girlfriend a mirror with a note that this (aka, her reflection) is the most beautiful gift ­ wow, cheesiness factor around 10,000%.

If you want a fail­safe method, just do what Kanye does, according to this Vibe article about his gifts to Kim Kardashian. Of course, not everybody has Kanye’s resources. (Actually, on second thought don’t do anything like Kanye, except maybe for dating Kim).

One very popular option is to buy a funny “unique” gadget, like anything from this list at Gadgets and Gear. The problem? After a very short time, the funniness and originality wears off and your gift is forever called “that thing.”

So how about creating something that’s actually unique to the person receiving the gift? Hint hint ­ is a place for just such a gift. I’m not saying we’re the only place for a custom story that visually incorporates the person’s personality, face, and life story into a gift that will be cherished for years… we’re just the only one that does it so visually, from scratch, and by masters of script writing and illustration.

Wherever you find unique gift ideas for Birthday, Anniversary, or other occasions ­ just be original. And make sure to order ahead of time, so, you know you gonna let the gift creator finish before the special date passes.

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