Looking for some great Father’s Day gift ideas this year? Here’s a simple guide you can use, no matter what your budget is!


  1. Pamper Daddy – The sweetest way to celebrate Father’s day with your Dad or your child’s Daddy. All you need to do is pamper him silly. There are lots of cool ways of showing your appreciation- breakfast in bed, a hand made card or a massage session. It is really your call, because you know Daddy the best.
  2. Plan an Activity – This is the simplest and the cutest of the lot. Plan something cool for your Dad. You can play a bunch of games in the living room or in the backyard, depending on the weather. You could even have a treasure hunt for Dad, and let him discover a gift at the end.

    every dad is a superhero

  3. Father’s Day Out – Taking him out does not mean simply going to a restaurant and back. You could take him to a game, to a bowling alley, or to the mall to buy him some fishing gear. You could finish the trip with a lovely meal out.


  4. Shopping Spree – Take him on a shopping spree. It might not be very interesting for you, but a trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s might be worth more than you think! You might need lots of patience, but remember, Father’s Day comes only once a year!


  5. Share and Make Memories – If you want a relaxing, stay-at-home sort of a day for Dad, you can always look through old pictures. Lovely memories always bring a smile! You can even make a video of you wishing Daddy on Father’s Day. What about starting a family tradition- of getting a picture of Daddy and you (and the rest of the family), EACH year, on Father’s Day? It’ll become quite a collection over the years, which you can frame later.
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  6. Get Him a Great Gift – The key is to know what he’d want and then to make it (think DIY projects) or order it in time for Father’s Day. There is a range of things to choose from, depending on his personality, likes and dislikes. It could be a classy neck tie, elegant cufflinks, a dandy watch, a cell phone, a personalized towel set, a massager, a custom comic book or even a gym membership (you had better be REALLY sure about this one!).

    father's day gift ideas

With lots of Father’s Day gift ideas, all you now need to do is plan. Happy celebrating!

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