The Office has been off the air for a few years, but the iconic show has a few moments that live on in pop culture. One of the most poignant moments comes in the episode “Classy Christmas.” In the episode, Pam gives Jim a comic book she’s spent almost an entire year creating. The issue, The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert, details a day in which Jim is attacked by a bear and, in classic superhero style, he gains all the powers of a bear. She’s pretty nervous to give him such a geeky gift but his response is just one word: “awesome.”The_Adventures_of_Jimmy_Halpert

Creating something for someone else is always a special kind of gift, and comic books are classic. They’ve been popular with pretty much every kid since the days of the dime novels of the Wild West. They represent a really perfect combination of storytelling and imagery; that’s why they have remained pretty much unchanged since Superman literally leapt onto the page in 1939. A comic book has an unparalleled capacity to capture a series to tell a story and illustrate it at the same time. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a comic book is worth a million.

Comic Books as a Gift

Over the past few years, personalized comic books have grown in popularity as a kind of gift. If you don’t have as much artistic talent as Pam in The Office, you need not despair. An entire industry has popped up around custom comic books. Companies such as Your Comic Story specialize in delivering personalized gifts that combine professional quality artwork with your personal stories. For example, if you need a birthday gift for your significant other, you can consult with professional writers and artists who will work with you to create something special for your special someone. Stories telling how significant others met is a particularly popular idea; however, other people just want goofy stories about themselves as superhero. Whatever you want, professionals can help you make it a reality.

These geeky books aren’t the only kinds of gifts, though.

Nerdy Posters

Pretty much everyone wants to be a superhero; well, with a custom poster you can make super person into a superhero. Much like the comic books, you can work with professional writers and artists who will design a poster and character for your gift. Just like Pam turns Jim into a bear-man, you can create a personalized gift that captures your special someone. Many people actually prefer personalized posters to comic books. You can put a poster in your home or office, so everyone can see it when they walk in. If you put it in a frame, you’ve got a timeless gift that anyone would be proud to display.

Custom comic books and superhero posters are sure to please that comic book fan in your life; even if you’re not buying a present for a comic book fan, everybody enjoys the distinctive type of artwork. When you sit down in a movie theater, there’s a good chance you’re watching a superhero property. They’re more popular than ever, and now you can turn anyone in your life into a superhero.