Superheroes have been popular ever since 1939 when Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 and Batman took his first case in Detective Comics #27. However, they’ve never been more popular than they are right now. Every time Captain America steps on the screen, Marvel Comics makes about a billion dollars. Each summer features more spandex-clad heroes punching villains and flying through the air. Obviously, something about superheroes and comic books have captured the popular imagination. That’s not only an opportunity for Marvel Comics and DC Comics to make obnoxious piles of cash. You could be marketing your business in the same way.

1940s PhoneBooth superman custom comic book

Custom comic books have become popular along with the rise of comic book company properties. Many forward-thinking companies are starting to advertise their new products and services with short comic books. These personalized promotional items are typically two to four page stories that feature a humorous story centered on a business or a product. For example, if you’re looking to bring media and customer attention to your running shoe company, you could create a short comic book in which your shoes grant superspeed to the wearers.

Comic Books as Promotional Items

Because of their ability to tell stories with images, comics make great promotional tools. If you don’t have much artistic talent or just don’t have the time to write and draw your own books, you could work with professionals. The artists at a company like Your Comic Story are experienced in creating custom comic books as marketing tools. They’re artists in the industry who understand the things that make great comic books work. Superheroes have a kind of larger-than-life humanity that puts butts in movie theaters and exciting stories that keep them glued.cocoa puffs cuckoo bird comics advertising marketing

When you work with the professional creators, they’ll help you tell the story of your company or product. You can then have images to coincide with a compelling story. Every advertising and marketing expert will tell you that setting themselves apart is one of the biggest challenges of marketing. You have to find some way to create a promotional tool that won’t get lost in a pile of fliers, business cards, and junk emails. Most of them go straight into the trash — the real trash or the e-trash. Well, your potential clients and customers are going to want to hang onto a colorful, expertly written comic book. Even if they’re not interested in what you’re selling, they’ll hang onto it. When they find themselves in need of the services you provide, they’ll remember the company that gave them the funny, creative, and one of a kind marketing tool.snickers product placement comic book marketing advertising

Posters as Promotional Items

Sometimes, you want to hand your clients something simple that will capture the spirit of your business. A superhero-themed poster can do all the work of an informative flier, but since it’s a colorful item, they’re more likely to hold onto them. Posters are popular advertising tools for industry conventions; pretty much everybody at those conventions hands you an armful of promotional material. Your potential clients will be much more likely to hold onto the one that makes them laugh or the one that catches the eye.

lexus marvel agents of shield product placement comic book marketing advertising

As a business manager, you have to find new and creative ways to put your services in front of customers. They’re constantly inundated with promotional emails, fliers, business cards, and online ads. With a custom comic book or superhero poster, you can leap your competition in a single bound.