Picture this- a young child whose dad is the Town Fire Chief. He is filled with awe and inspiration as he watches his Dad going to work each day, saving lives. He knew he’d want to be a firefighter when he grew up. So much so that he even made a comic book featuring superhero Fire Extinguisher fighting two villains- Lighter and Fire.


Fire Extinguisher vs Lighter and Fire

Many years later… the child, (though not a child anymore) is now himself a fearless firefighter, but the comic book remained a childhood memory, UNTIL…his amazing girlfriend rediscovered it. What she did next was amazingly thoughtful.

Well, she got in touch with us and together we worked on creating his gift. Finally, she surprised him with a custom poster of the firefighting superhero Lucas himself, out to save the world from the villain Lighter. 


Firefighter Lucas with his custom poster gift

One thoughtful gift. A million childhood memories. Awesome forever.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives, Lucas and Megan! We totally love bringing a smile on your face.


Your Comic Story team.