About six months ago we begun our Kickstarter journey, to raise money for our comic book for kids about entrepreneurship, “My First Startup”.

During this campaign, we met so many amazing people, and made so many great friends!
We’re talking about the bloggers and reporters, who spread the word. We are talking about the folks who shared the campaign with their friends on social media and gave us words of support.

And of course we’re talking about the people and organizations who backed our campaign on Kickstarter.
We want to say a huge thank you to Alyssa Petrenko, Igor Pokryshevskiy, Craig McLeod, Travis Wright, Michael Minkovsky, Aronas, Zorz Studios, Nimish, Schenique Jackson, The Boss Girls, Marc Baldwin, Jakob Pallesen, Jason Pedwell, Mb, Demis Polantis, Igor Oytser, Millie, Dan Norris, Christopher Brown, Entrepreneur Institute, Chris M., Ram Sunkara, Michael, Dreamstr.net work, Kira Shcherbakova, Robert Williger, Mikhail Norov, Denise Devine, L. Vernon, Anelisa Lauri, Power Up Tech Academy, ChicagoBusinessVoIP.com, Dan Seidman of GotInfluenceInc.com, Halana Mediavilla, Mila, Andrey Dobrikov, Bill Dwight – Chief Dad at FamZoo.com, Forest Linden, Andrey Bogan, Richard, Minnie Brown – NYC Metro Girl, Dave in NY, CamWykes.com, Stefan, Mike Tracey, Joe Mackey, Halelly Azulay from TalentGrow LLC, Daria Carter, GEW Denmarktwitter.com/dytkocarter, Nowvel, Adam Westerman, Rob, David Rolf, Katerina Ishtar Sharm, Pavel Bukengolts, Tatyana Silkina, Interstate All Battery Center Rockwall, Daniel Shlyam, John Gruidl, Terry St. Marie, Irina Matveeva, Pom Pom Chewy, Jacob Canny, Katya Belitskiy, Arnie Ngai, Susan Cartier Liebel, Jorel Fermin, Saleh Shahrestani, Mohamed Imane Chahdi, Ferzana Awan, Jerry Argyriou, Max West, A Diva Difference, LLC, Anne Strachan, Crowdfunduk, Lauren c. Daniels, Michael, Pop Up Tee, Vitaly Mankevich, Quentin Peterson, Jordan from Comicblitz, Alex Lyle, David Melia, Bradley Walker, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg from PlatinumStudios.com, Nikhil Rughani, Angela Pryor, Alexandre Hebra and many others.

Thank you for supporting our project and the idea of nurturing entrepreneurial ideas and helping children believe in themselves.
You are the best and you are making this world a better place!

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