Choosing the right gift can be difficult. After all, doesn’t everyone have enough monogrammed items in their home or office? Not that monograms are a bad thing—they are, after all, quite charming—but they make gift-giving dull after awhile. Instead of a monogram, what about choosing a gift that fits your recipient’s unique style?

The gift must be thoughtful and well-planned out as the individual is special to you. It’s these unique gifts that make people pause and remember you, the giver. We’d like to offer you some curatorial advice, as it were, a way to structure your thinking around the personalization of gifts for your family, friends, and colleagues. As an example, we’ll offer a personalized curation of comic books for a variety of professions.

The Academic

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud – a seminal example of sequential art as a research tool, this volume (the first in a two-parter) delves into the history of the art form.

The Businessperson

Business Casual Volume 1 – so, you’re a business person? So are we. Meet you at the coffee pot…oh, please don’t use the copier for that…where’s my green stapler…it’s all here.

The Flight Attendant

Amelia Earhart: Across the Atlantic by Elizabeth Amber Love and Michael Penick. The story of the famous aviator’s inspiring strides professionally and personally.

The Doctor

My Degeneration: A Journey Through Parkinson’s by prize-winning author Peter Dunlap-Shohl. A first-hand account of the creator’s journey through Parkinson’s disease. Forthcoming and available for preorder.

The Student

Habibi by Craig Thompson. A deftly woven love story centered around two orphans, Habibi explores the intersection of Christianity and Islam as well as the nature of romance.

The Engineer

xkcd 0 by Randall Munroe. Engineer humor. They need it. We puzzle over it. Buy them this book. It will keep them occupied.

See how each of these comic books is tailored to a certain type of profession? All gift-giving can become this personalized. All it takes is a little planning and proper pairing of a gift to an individual. You’ll be pleased with the results. And so will they.

To be continued next week with more suggestions based on profession.

Do you have a specific one in mind? Please leave a note below!