Yes, it is time to be merry. Nope, it isn’t Christmas- it’s April Fool’s Day! We at like to call it Happy April Fool’s Day. Celebrated on the 1st of April each year, across the world, this day is your chance to laugh your worries away. Traditionally, people play pranks on others, but it might not be the best idea. It is easy to see why people might not be thrilled about being tricked- they might not be sporty enough or you might not be sensitive enough. We offer you a bunch of stress busting ideas to help you enjoy April Fool’s Day to the fullest.

  • Jolly Jokes– You can do this with anyone and at any time. All you need is another jolly friend and you can have a joke telling session. Ever heard of ‘the more the merrier’? Well, it fits. Get together with some friends and folks at home, at a friend’s place, in the cafeteria, at a coffee shop or even at the mall, wherever. You’ll end up laughing at each joke- either for being a good joke or an awful one! You could even vote for the funniest joke.
  • Most Mismatched– This idea might need a little planning. You could have a mismatch theme at work or at home. Sounds a little daunting, but seriously, who enjoys looking for matching socks? If you get an excuse to dress up looking totally mismatched, why let the opportunity go? All the better if you can find someone to give you company. You are free to walk around in your pyjamas, teamed with a formal shirt and a clown’s hat to complete the look. Again, try to get more people involved. Doing silly things like these make lovely memories.
  • Funny Faces– Even if you are not an artsy kind of a person, you’d still be interested in some funny faces. Organize a face painting activity. Let your imagination (and colors) run wild. The result’s got to be hilarious! Do not forget to click lots of pictures. 
  • Funky Food– Time to unleash the chef in you. Serve up some tricky food. It’d be fun to watch people bite into pizza looking cookies and ketchup made from strawberry jam! There are lots of little surprises that you can cook up, without annoying anyone.
  • Delightful Dancing– It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Turn on the music and groove to the numbers. The sillier the dance moves, the better. You don’t even need to be drunk to feel silly, nor struggle with the hangover. And to top it all, you won’t even be embarrassed. The perfect time to try out all the old dance moves.
  • Merry Messages– This is the simplest thing to do. Look up funny one-liners, witty or ridiculously hilarious quotes, and share it with others. You could text it or post it on social media. If it made you laugh, chances are that it’ll at least make others smile, if not laugh. That is the point- make it a happy day, for yourself and others!
  • Priceless Pictures– A good option if you want to be all by yourself and still want to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Look up old pictures. Everyone has comical pictures of themselves or others. One look at the silly pictures will be enough to get you laughing. Good times, great memories and lots of laughter. If you feel up to it, let your friends know what’s so funny. They’d probably want to be part of it too.

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