What are your shipping fees?


Shipping is completely free in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We try our best to ship comic books for free worldwide. You should contact us at info@yourcomicstory.com for specifics.

What are your shipping fees?2019-07-09T06:17:18-05:00

How do you determine your prices?


Our prices are based on fairly compensating our writers and illustrators, plus our printing and shipping costs. The resulting comic book product is then independently reviewed by two specialists to make sure it really looks and reads right. As a

How do you determine your prices?2019-07-09T06:16:32-05:00

What are the requirements for pictures?


You need to send us at least three pictures of the recipient. We need to see the face and the upper part of his/her body clearly. Pictures, where the person smiles and is relaxed, are especially useful. Please also include

What are the requirements for pictures?2019-07-09T06:15:49-05:00
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