National Tolkien Reading Day falls on a Friday this year, which makes it all the more exciting. The day is dedicated to the memory of author J.R.R. Tolkien, who is best known for his fascinating books, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. His sense of imagination was so awesome that he managed to create an alternate world, full of goblins, trolls,elves,dwarfs,wizards and the famous hobbits. His work is loved by people of all ages- kids and adults. So how do you celebrate the day? Well, we have some great ideas to help you celebrate National Tolkien Reading Day.

  1. Read – The best way to remember an author is to read his work. It’s a good day to pick up one of Tolkien’s books and read. Sit back with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and read through your favorite part. If you are busy at work, look up an inspiring quote online. Reading is a known stress buster, remember? If you have kids, all the more reason for you to get to the local library. Reading is definitely important, but it can be challenging to find something that kids will like too. On this day, take the time to introduce them to the joy of reading.     
  2. Treat your taste buds- Well, this is one thing that kids totally enjoy doing. No celebration can be complete without food, absolutely not the National Tolkien Reading Day celebrations. This is your chance to treat yourself and the kids to a wonderful meal. Give the dishes some cool names. You could cook it up at home or eat out- completely your choice. The only thing that matters is that hobbits LOVE eating. So make sure you enjoy gobbling up all those goodies too.
  3. Party hard- If you want to have some extra fun, why not have a party? You could have a Tolkien theme party. Have the guests come in costumes. It’s almost like Halloween, just a few months early. The National Tolkien Reading Day is a great excuse to let go of yourself and enjoy being a wizard or an elf. You could even club it with a ‘welcome spring’ party, because hobbits love gardening too! What’s better is that you can have loads of fun on Friday evening and still have the rest of the weekend left. No worries if you don’t want to have too many people over, you could just let it be a family affair!
  4. Play some games- There are lots of games that you could play to celebrate the day. Everyone could sit together and play the story game. The first person says one sentence. The next person adds another line to the story. Use your imagination and watch the story become uncontrollably funny. This might just be what it takes to get the creative ideas flowing.
  5. Watch a movie- In case you have had a hard day and don’t feel too full of energy, simply rent Lord of the Rings movies, sit back and enjoy the movie marathon. It might not be the same as reading, but it still is a kind of tribute to Tolkien.
  6. Catch up with a friend- If you are the quiet sort of person, go out for a cup of coffee or dinner with a friend. To Tolkien, friendship was almost sacred. What better way to remember him than by catching up with an old friend. Too tied up for that? Well, just grab the phone. Hearing the same old voice is sometimes all a tired soul needs!

No matter which idea you like the best, Tolkien is sure to inspire you in one way or another. Have a great time. Happy National Tolkien Reading Day!



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