17 Nov

Keep Your Christmas Gift Ideas Simple

The holiday music is playing now. The Black Friday ads are airing. Santas are descending on our local malls. There is no avoiding it. Christmas is coming. And with it comes the stress of cooking a meal for a dozen people, hosting your in-laws, out decorating your neighbors, making sure you’re more nice than naughty so you can clinch a top spot on Santa’s list, and buying gifts. Nothing is worse than shopping when you have no Christmas gift ideas in mind, wandering aimlessly through the big box store. But, if you have a few amazing items on your shopping list that everyone will like, you can pick up several at a time, and your shopping is done.

Here’s some advice – keep it simple. You’ve got a lot to do this holiday season, so find a few great Christmas gift ideas that everyone on your list will enjoy. Your father-in- law is coming to town in a week, and he’s going to ask why you haven’t gotten that promotion yet and comment on how your favorite football team really blew it this year. You need all the energy you can muster to erect some powerful mind shields around his criticism. Save that energy by keeping your shopping list simple with a few amazing Christmas gift ideas that everyone will enjoy.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Zero in on one really great idea, and execute. And here’s one really great Christmas gift idea – personalized comic books and posters. Have your father-in- law painted like Superman and show him saving the world. Then he’ll forget all about how his child could have done so much better. Have a whole story crafted that shows him battling a legion of villains, or give him a poster showing your football team crushing his if you choose to go vindictive this year. But you shouldn’t go vindictive. It’s the season of joy, after all.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Better yet, a personalized comic book or poster is a single item, limiting the time you spend searching for Christmas gift ideas, but it is also unique to the gift recipient. So giving several of the same gift to several of your close friends and family doesn’t mean that you’re giving cookie cutter gifts.