26 Oct

Socks are not Magical – Give a Creative Christmas Gift!

Christmas is upon us, and that mean…PRESENTS! The pressure is on to give something great to the people awesome enough to make your gift giving list. But what to get those people? What sort of gift is worthy of your friends and loved ones? You could grab a sweater off the rack or a fistful of gift cards – if you wanted to say to your friends, “Merry Christmas! I barely put any thought into this!” No, a creative Christmas gift are the way to go.

Let your imagination run wild. You need to give a creative Christmas gift to match the creativity of the holiday. Think about the story we tell around the tree every Christmas Eve as we roast our chestnuts and listen to Bing Crosby (the only reason we know who Bing Crosby is). A fat man in a red velvet suit loads a sack of toys that his elf army spent an entire year building from scratch into his sleigh, which is pulled through the air by magic flying reindeer. He then travels around the entire world in one night, breaking into children’s houses and leaving toys under a tree in their living room. After all that, I get socks?

A truly creative Christmas gift is a sure way to light up those eyes on Christmas morning. And what’s more creative than a custom comic book?

It can literally be a story about anything you can imagine. A unicorn is a third-grade teacher in a wilderness charter school. A unicorn has been elected president. Or it doesn’t have to be about unicorns at all. It can be about anything. And it can be as personalized as you want. You could ride a unicorn to work. You could fight crime as a superhero. With a unicorn sidekick. No, really, enough about unicorns.


It’s the season of joy, and there is nothing more joyful than seeing your wild imagination illustrated by professionals. And there is no more creative Christmas gift.