28 Oct

Christmas Present Ideas – Stick with the Classics

So, you’re looking for great Christmas present ideas. It’s a rough search. There are about a gillion things you could buy each person on your giving list this year, and a gillion places to buy them. And we live in a world where the newest version of each thing comes out every month, and you need to constantly upgrade, and the next best thing just dropped, and now that thing is obsolete, so you need to get the newest next best thing.

Christmas Present Ideas

Rapid advancement has made coming up with great Christmas present ideas surprisingly difficult. There are so many awesome, new things. How do you choose? You don’t. You go old school. Vintage is cool. Old is new. Vinyl is cool again. People wear jean jackets again. Full House came back. Great things always come back. The best things never go away.

Christmas Present Ideas

Like comic books. They’ve been around for close to a century, the first modern comic book released in 1933. The waxed and waned in popularity, but they’ve stuck around, and have become stronger than ever, spawning multibillion dollar franchises. You can read them on your phones now, but people still trek to their local comic shop every Wednesday to pick up the latest issues. They haven’t been replaced by the newest version. Obviously, something about comic books appeals to a great number of people.

Christmas Present Ideas

They are a timeless classic, and should be at the top of your list of great Christmas present ideas. Sure, you could pick up a stack of comics and tie them in a bow. There’s one for every reader out there. Or, you could create on specifically for your friends and loved ones. A customized comic book is sure to blast any of your other Christmas present ideas out of the sky.

Stick with the classics.