04 Nov

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Boyfriends can be hard to shop for. What do they want? Nachos, video games, a lightsaber. The same things every boyfriend wants, right? But you can’t get him nachos for every occasion. Think of the queso stains. Think of his cheese breath. Remember the lamp he broke when he tried to recreate that Phantom Menace lightsaber battle? You need some new Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend.


This is the time of year when you show the guy that your thinking of him, that you truly know him, that you love him – if you’ve gotten that far. Have you used the “L” word yet? Maybe you should have that conversation. I mean, where’s this relationship going, anyway?

Anyway, Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend. It should be something personal. He can get a mug with his face on it from any office grab bag. It should be something that can only come from you. Your boyfriend should not get the same gift from you and Sally in accounting. If that happens, you lose at Christmas. Most importantly, it should be something that he likes. He should shout “Woot!” when he sees it. Uncontrollable exclamations of joy are a sign that you’ve won Christmas.


One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend, one that blasts all of these criteria to smithereens, is a custom comic book. You can write the entire story if you want. Or you can toss out some bullet points. Put him in a battle for control of galaxy. Have him quest for a mythical ring and slay a dragon or two. Have him do something truly outlandish, and craft a comic book about him cleaning the kitchen. Don’t really do that, though, this should be his fantasy, not yours.