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10 Apr

Turning yesterday’s memories into today’s gifts

Picture this- a young child whose dad is the Town Fire Chief. He is filled with awe and inspiration as he watches his Dad going to work each day, saving lives. He knew he’d want to be a firefighter when he grew up. So much so that he even made a comic book featuring superhero Fire Extinguisher fighting two villains- Lighter and Fire.


Fire Extinguisher vs Lighter and Fire
Many years later… the child, (though not a child anymore) is now himself a fearless firefighter, but the comic book remained a childhood memory, UNTIL…his amazing girlfriend rediscovered it. What she did next was amazingly thoughtful.
Well, she got in touch with us and together we worked on creating his gift. Finally, she surprised him with a custom poster of the firefighting superhero Lucas himself, out to save the world from the villain Lighter. 


Firefighter Lucas with his custom poster gift

One thoughtful gift. A million childhood memories. Awesome forever.
Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives, Lucas and Megan! We totally love bringing a smile on your face.


Your Comic Story team.
01 Apr

Fun ideas to celebrate April Fool’s Day

Yes, it is time to be merry. Nope, it isn’t Christmas- it’s April Fool’s Day! We at like to call it Happy April Fool’s Day. Celebrated on the 1st of April each year, across the world, this day is your chance to laugh your worries away. Traditionally, people play pranks on others, but it might not be the best idea. It is easy to see why people might not be thrilled about being tricked- they might not be sporty enough or you might not be sensitive enough. We offer you a bunch of stress busting ideas to help you enjoy April Fool’s Day to the fullest.
  • Jolly Jokes- You can do this with anyone and at any time. All you need is another jolly friend and you can have a joke telling session. Ever heard of ‘the more the merrier’? Well, it fits. Get together with some friends and folks at home, at a friend’s place, in the cafeteria, at a coffee shop or even at the mall, wherever. You’ll end up laughing at each joke- either for being a good joke or an awful one! You could even vote for the funniest joke.
  • Most Mismatched- This idea might need a little planning. You could have a mismatch theme at work or at home. Sounds a little daunting, but seriously, who enjoys looking for matching socks? If you get an excuse to dress up looking totally mismatched, why let the opportunity go? All the better if you can find someone to give you company. You are free to walk around in your pyjamas, teamed with a formal shirt and a clown’s hat to complete the look. Again, try to get more people involved. Doing silly things like these make lovely memories.
  • Funny Faces- Even if you are not an artsy kind of a person, you’d still be interested in some funny faces. Organize a face painting activity. Let your imagination (and colors) run wild. The result’s got to be hilarious! Do not forget to click lots of pictures. 
  • Funky Food- Time to unleash the chef in you. Serve up some tricky food. It’d be fun to watch people bite into pizza looking cookies and ketchup made from strawberry jam! There are lots of little surprises that you can cook up, without annoying anyone.
  • Delightful Dancing- It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Turn on the music and groove to the numbers. The sillier the dance moves, the better. You don’t even need to be drunk to feel silly, nor struggle with the hangover. And to top it all, you won’t even be embarrassed. The perfect time to try out all the old dance moves.
  • Merry Messages- This is the simplest thing to do. Look up funny one-liners, witty or ridiculously hilarious quotes, and share it with others. You could text it or post it on social media. If it made you laugh, chances are that it’ll at least make others smile, if not laugh. That is the point- make it a happy day, for yourself and others!
  • Priceless Pictures- A good option if you want to be all by yourself and still want to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Look up old pictures. Everyone has comical pictures of themselves or others. One look at the silly pictures will be enough to get you laughing. Good times, great memories and lots of laughter. If you feel up to it, let your friends know what’s so funny. They’d probably want to be part of it too.
On our blog, you will find lots of ideas that will make you smile. Check out our Presidential candidates in their superhero forms. If you are a comic lover, read on for information on how to celebrate Columbus Day.
25 Mar

National Tolkien Reading Day: Top 6 Ways to Celebrate

National Tolkien Reading Day falls on a Friday this year, which makes it all the more exciting. The day is dedicated to the memory of author J.R.R. Tolkien, who is best known for his fascinating books, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. His sense of imagination was so awesome that he managed to create an alternate world, full of goblins, trolls,elves,dwarfs,wizards and the famous hobbits. His work is loved by people of all ages- kids and adults. So how do you celebrate the day? Well, we have some great ideas to help you celebrate National Tolkien Reading Day.
  1. Read – The best way to remember an author is to read his work. It’s a good day to pick up one of Tolkien’s books and read. Sit back with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa and read through your favorite part. If you are busy at work, look up an inspiring quote online. Reading is a known stress buster, remember? If you have kids, all the more reason for you to get to the local library. Reading is definitely important, but it can be challenging to find something that kids will like too. On this day, take the time to introduce them to the joy of reading.     
  2. Treat your taste buds- Well, this is one thing that kids totally enjoy doing. No celebration can be complete without food, absolutely not the National Tolkien Reading Day celebrations. This is your chance to treat yourself and the kids to a wonderful meal. Give the dishes some cool names. You could cook it up at home or eat out- completely your choice. The only thing that matters is that hobbits LOVE eating. So make sure you enjoy gobbling up all those goodies too.
  3. Party hard- If you want to have some extra fun, why not have a party? You could have a Tolkien theme party. Have the guests come in costumes. It’s almost like Halloween, just a few months early. The National Tolkien Reading Day is a great excuse to let go of yourself and enjoy being a wizard or an elf. You could even club it with a ‘welcome spring’ party, because hobbits love gardening too! What’s better is that you can have loads of fun on Friday evening and still have the rest of the weekend left. No worries if you don’t want to have too many people over, you could just let it be a family affair!
  4. Play some games- There are lots of games that you could play to celebrate the day. Everyone could sit together and play the story game. The first person says one sentence. The next person adds another line to the story. Use your imagination and watch the story become uncontrollably funny. This might just be what it takes to get the creative ideas flowing.
  5. Watch a movie- In case you have had a hard day and don’t feel too full of energy, simply rent Lord of the Rings movies, sit back and enjoy the movie marathon. It might not be the same as reading, but it still is a kind of tribute to Tolkien.
  6. Catch up with a friend- If you are the quiet sort of person, go out for a cup of coffee or dinner with a friend. To Tolkien, friendship was almost sacred. What better way to remember him than by catching up with an old friend. Too tied up for that? Well, just grab the phone. Hearing the same old voice is sometimes all a tired soul needs!
No matter which idea you like the best, Tolkien is sure to inspire you in one way or another. Have a great time. Happy National Tolkien Reading Day!



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17 Mar

Presidential Election 2016: Candidate Hero

Presidential election 2016 require a superhero to make things right. Superheroes come in a few varieties: there are the paragons of virtue that boldly stride into danger, there are the angry, dark-tempered heroes dedicated to justice, driven by the tragedy of their past and then there are the ones who do it for the glory. 
Whether bitten by radioactive animals, clothed in suits of iron, or just a person with quick fists, they all represent facets of the human spirit. 
At Your Comic Story, we think politicians aren’t much different. There are the flops, the fickle, and the glory hogs that cast a shadow on their office. But among those are also the true believers and the unshakeable heroes. Being president is a lot like being a superhero: the job’s a tough one but someone needs to do it. 
Barack Obama’s hair turned gray faster than stepping in and out of a phone booth, George W Bush took to painting, and Jimmy Carter found solace in teaching Sunday School. Superheroes don’t get that luxury, but they would almost surely take it if they could.
In the words of Harvey Dent, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” 
The presidential election 2016 has its fair share of heroes and villains, of opportunists, revenge-driven justice seekers, and a few clowns. But who will be the hero? Who will be the paragon standing in the face of overwhelming odds? Which ones will plunge their hands in the filth so you can keep yours clean? Which ones will just wallow in it?
Only time will tell who will win in the presidential election 2016.
For now, let’s have some fun, exercise our right to free speech and check out what kind of superheroes our presidential candidates are. 🙂
Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton
Ted Cruz
John Kasich
Donald J Trump
We hope this blog post gave you some great ideas. You might want to take a look at our blog post about holiday gift ideas for comic book fans or marriage proposal ideas.
12 Jan

Thank you message for our supporters!

About six months ago we begun our Kickstarter journey, to raise money for our comic book for kids about entrepreneurship, “My First Startup”.

During this campaign, we met so many amazing people, and made so many great friends!
We’re talking about the bloggers and reporters, who spread the word. We are talking about the folks who shared the campaign with their friends on social media and gave us words of support.

And of course we’re talking about the people and organizations who backed our campaign on Kickstarter.
We want to say a huge thank you to Alyssa Petrenko, Igor Pokryshevskiy, Craig McLeod, Travis Wright, Michael Minkovsky, Aronas, Zorz Studios, Nimish, Schenique Jackson, The Boss Girls, Marc Baldwin, Jakob Pallesen, Jason Pedwell, Mb, Demis Polantis, Igor Oytser, Millie, Dan Norris, Christopher Brown, Entrepreneur Institute, Chris M., Ram Sunkara, Michael, work, Kira Shcherbakova, Robert Williger, Mikhail Norov, Denise Devine, L. Vernon, Anelisa Lauri, Power Up Tech Academy,, Dan Seidman of, Halana Mediavilla, Mila, Andrey Dobrikov, Bill Dwight – Chief Dad at, Forest Linden, Andrey Bogan, Richard, Minnie Brown – NYC Metro Girl, Dave in NY,, Stefan, Mike Tracey, Joe Mackey, Halelly Azulay from TalentGrow LLC, Daria Carter, GEW, Nowvel, Adam Westerman, Rob, David Rolf, Katerina Ishtar Sharm, Pavel Bukengolts, Tatyana Silkina, Interstate All Battery Center Rockwall, Daniel Shlyam, John Gruidl, Terry St. Marie, Irina Matveeva, Pom Pom Chewy, Jacob Canny, Katya Belitskiy, Arnie Ngai, Susan Cartier Liebel, Jorel Fermin, Saleh Shahrestani, Mohamed Imane Chahdi, Ferzana Awan, Jerry Argyriou, Max West, A Diva Difference, LLC, Anne Strachan, Crowdfunduk, Lauren c. Daniels, Michael, Pop Up Tee, Vitaly Mankevich, Quentin Peterson, Jordan from Comicblitz, Alex Lyle, David Melia, Bradley Walker, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg from, Nikhil Rughani, Angela Pryor, Alexandre Hebra and many others.

Thank you for supporting our project and the idea of nurturing entrepreneurial ideas and helping children believe in themselves.
You are the best and you are making this world a better place!

Your Comic Story

29 Oct

Personalization and Gift Wrapping Ideas

Looking for creative gift wrapping ideas? Everyone remembers a spectacular gift after all, and if you’re hoping your recipients clamor to open your presents first, keep searching for those personal touches that will make your gifts stand out. Even if you’re that bachelor/bachelorette who wraps your gifts in newspaper…or no wrapping at all…. Honestly, though, the latter, while the former can be cute, just makes a bad impression. See below for some easy gift wrapping ideas to augment this week’s batch of professionally-matched comics oeuvres.
The Stay-at-Home ParentKids are Weird and Other Observations About Parenting by Jeffrey Brown. Strange happenings of the parenting kind. Tender and hilarious.
Wrapping: Grab a Huggies bag and tape it so you’ve got a baby bottom right up front. Too cute! Don’t have any diapers handy? Follow that always-kitsch, always-cute idea mentioned above and keep a newspaper running: wrap this book in the comics’ section. Put your favorite funny front-and-center.
The Teacher – Unflattening: Thinking Through Comics by Nick Sousanis. A new take on metacognition. This book teaches how to think through comics. Great for personal practice.
Wrapping: Brown paper bag, ‘nuff said. Still have the chops to cover a textbook? Go for it! Otherwise, draw an apple on it. Or grab an apple sticker. They’ll love it. Promise.
The Waiter – Jar of Fools by Jason Lutes. A stage magician, a man, and a child. All homeless. The diner is just a part of the story.
Wrapping: A small gift? Use a Chinese take-out container: a new one, please. Otherwise, use a take-out menu. Just not from their restaurant. They probably don’t want to see that one when they’re off shift. For a gift tag? A receipt of course!
The Paralegal – Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil Volume 1 by Stan Lee and Wallace Wood. Spend some time with Matt Murdock, one of our greatest modern lawyers.
Wrapping: Paralegal’s do a lot for very little. Give them the best metallic bag you can find. Or something sparkly. Shine bright like a diamond, Para.
The Librarian – Alice in Sunderland: An Entertainment by Bryan Talbot. The multi-layered, true story of Alice Lidell, the one-and-only Wonderland child, and her local environs.
Wrapping: Skip the wrapping here. Give a card instead, promising to donate a copy of their gift to your local library branch.
The Train ConductorWagon Train by Dell Comics. Aaah, those bygone train days. Get along little doggy and try this one out!
Wrapping: Anything train related will do. Maps, tickets, from their rail line in possible. The wrapping then becomes part of the present!
As you can see, wrapping is part of the fun. Take a cue from your recipient’s profession to make your gift wrapping ideas as easy and unique as possible.
We hope this blog post gave you some great ideas. You might want to take a look at our blog post about holiday gift ideas for comic book fans or marriage proposal ideas.
19 Oct

Personalization: Not Just a Monogram

Choosing the right gift can be difficult. After all, doesn’t everyone have enough monogrammed items in their home or office? Not that monograms are a bad thing—they are, after all, quite charming—but they make gift-giving dull after awhile. Instead of a monogram, what about choosing a gift that fits your recipient’s unique style?

The gift must be thoughtful and well-planned out as the individual is special to you. It’s these unique gifts that make people pause and remember you, the giver. We’d like to offer you some curatorial advice, as it were, a way to structure your thinking around the personalization of gifts for your family, friends, and colleagues. As an example, we’ll offer a personalized curation of comic books for a variety of professions.

The Academic

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud – a seminal example of sequential art as a research tool, this volume (the first in a two-parter) delves into the history of the art form.

The Businessperson

Business Casual Volume 1 – so, you’re a business person? So are we. Meet you at the coffee pot…oh, please don’t use the copier for that…where’s my green stapler…it’s all here.

The Flight Attendant

Amelia Earhart: Across the Atlantic by Elizabeth Amber Love and Michael Penick. The story of the famous aviator’s inspiring strides professionally and personally.

The Doctor

My Degeneration: A Journey Through Parkinson’s by prize-winning author Peter Dunlap-Shohl. A first-hand account of the creator’s journey through Parkinson’s disease. Forthcoming and available for preorder.

The Student

Habibi by Craig Thompson. A deftly woven love story centered around two orphans, Habibi explores the intersection of Christianity and Islam as well as the nature of romance.

The Engineer

xkcd 0 by Randall Munroe. Engineer humor. They need it. We puzzle over it. Buy them this book. It will keep them occupied.

See how each of these comic books is tailored to a certain type of profession? All gift-giving can become this personalized. All it takes is a little planning and proper pairing of a gift to an individual. You’ll be pleased with the results. And so will they.

To be continued next week with more suggestions based on profession.

Do you have a specific one in mind? Please leave a note below!

11 Oct

Columbus, Not Vespucci, Day? Read Comics for the Unconquerable!

Oh, Columbus. We’ve all known you since childhood. For certain, it was during 1492 that you sailed the ocean blue. Subjugated the native peoples of South America. And, then, despite all reason, became the man we celebrate on Columbus Day. Not Amerigo Vespucci, that other, more humanitarian, enterprising Italian explorer for which our country is named. But that’s another story.

How you celebrate depends on what state or nation you’re in. If you accept Columbus as your life-long study buddy–he was on that 3rd grade test after all–you might spend this day blissed out with family, enjoying a patriotic cookout. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, South Dakota, and various cities in California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Washington, or on certain tribal lands in Oklahoma, however, you don’t celebrate Columbus Day at all. You might celebrate Discover’s Day, Native American Day, or Indigenous People’s Day; or, you might not celebrate anything, legally mandated to work instead. Oregon, can we please just have a day off?

Thankfully, no matter the nature of your Columbus/Discover’s/Native American/Indigenous People’s Day celebration, there’s a comic book to suit the occasion.

Try some of these suggestions:

Columbus Day

Empire by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson

Dear Golgoth: the world is indeed yours! But what are you going to do with it when there are no more superheroes to spar against? A darkly funny look at what happens when the villain gets what he truly desires.

Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar

Ready for a Soviet State of Mind? So’s Superman. When everything you’ve ever known is anti-American, why would you question reality? The Man of Despotic Steel: what a joy to meet you, comrade.

Discover’s Day

Copperhead by Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski

Welcome to Copperhead, where’s the plenty of grime to go around. Being a sheriff in outer space is much like being a sheriff on Earth. Except for the alien hillbillies. Fully fleshed characters and plot: a Discover’s dream.

The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius

The dystopic journey of a low-class detective hunting an artifact, this mind-bending work lent much to The Fifth Element. Expect the movie’s tropes, only more.

Native American Day and Indigenous People’s Day

The unfortunate, tragic truth is this: yes, white settlers, led by the ever-intrepid Columbus, slaughtered the Native American peoples.

In deference to their struggle, check out one of the following publishers to learn from a strong people who continue to celebrate their own unique culture and heritage:

  • Blue Corn Comics (Peace Party)
  • Alternative History Comics (Moonshot)
  • Super Indian Comics (Super Indian)

Now, back to Columbus Day. Or Discover’s Day. Or Native American Day. Or Indigenous People’s Day. Thanks to all of the open-source knowledge we currently have available to us, you can read as you please, a little or a lot about all sides of this “national” holiday. Enjoy some downtime–except in Oregon. Though Oregonians, I do recommend these comics for your lunchtime reading enjoyment.

Until next time: enjoy your comic books and learn from our shared history!

12 Sep

Teaching Commerce to Kids: A Kickstarter Journey

As serial entrepreneurs, commerce is nothing new to us (Russell, Andrey, and David). Over the years, it feels like we’ve seen every obstacle a startup can face and came up with every creative solution. One thought nagged us, though: why didn’t we learn about these obstacles/solutions earlier – a lot earlier. So we decided to teach business to the “earliest” crowd you can think of – kids. To do that, we’re creating a comic book that teaches kids entrepreneurship.  It’s called My First Startup and is live on Kickstarter right now. Why a comic book? Because it’s fun and accessible to kids. It also doesn’t hurt that we run a custom comic book company (Your Comic Story), so we are in the perfect position to create a comic book for kid entrepreneurs.

So is it just a fun story? Sure, the adventure of the protagonists, Tanya and Kevin, as they each try to create own business is a lot of fun for the kids. Yet, in the fun of it all, the kids also pick up important lessons and skills, like time-management, decision-making, responsibility for own success, creative problem solving, and much more. And a big bonus in the Kickstarter campaign is to get a helping hand from key business partners in the form of free business cards and more. In fact, Shopify is one of the partners offering a special discount to the backers of My First Startup’s Kickstarter.

The best part about creating My First Startup was the reaction from the kids. From our consultations with psychologists, economists, and entrepreneurs, we knew that the comic book would be interesting and useful. And still we were absolutely floored by how much kids loved it. The most amazing part was how they immediately grasped the lessons about, for example, the need to get a food vendor’s license. There is obviously a brilliant generation with revolutionary ideas about changing the world. With a little encouragement and guidance, we can help them turn their dreams into reality, teaching them how to be responsible for own success in the process. My First Startup is the first step to get kids there.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign page at: