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17 Nov

Keep Your Christmas Gift Ideas Simple

The holiday music is playing now. The Black Friday ads are airing. Santas are descending on our local malls. There is no avoiding it. Christmas is coming. And with it comes the stress of cooking a meal for a dozen people, hosting your in-laws, out decorating your neighbors, making sure you’re more nice than naughty so you can clinch a top spot on Santa’s list, and buying gifts. Nothing is worse than shopping when you have no Christmas gift ideas in mind, wandering aimlessly through the big box store. But, if you have a few amazing items on your shopping list that everyone will like, you can pick up several at a time, and your shopping is done.

Here’s some advice – keep it simple. You’ve got a lot to do this holiday season, so find a few great Christmas gift ideas that everyone on your list will enjoy. Your father-in- law is coming to town in a week, and he’s going to ask why you haven’t gotten that promotion yet and comment on how your favorite football team really blew it this year. You need all the energy you can muster to erect some powerful mind shields around his criticism. Save that energy by keeping your shopping list simple with a few amazing Christmas gift ideas that everyone will enjoy.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Zero in on one really great idea, and execute. And here’s one really great Christmas gift idea – personalized comic books and posters. Have your father-in- law painted like Superman and show him saving the world. Then he’ll forget all about how his child could have done so much better. Have a whole story crafted that shows him battling a legion of villains, or give him a poster showing your football team crushing his if you choose to go vindictive this year. But you shouldn’t go vindictive. It’s the season of joy, after all.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Better yet, a personalized comic book or poster is a single item, limiting the time you spend searching for Christmas gift ideas, but it is also unique to the gift recipient. So giving several of the same gift to several of your close friends and family doesn’t mean that you’re giving cookie cutter gifts.

08 Nov

Forget Doorbusters, Give Unique Christmas Gifts

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means – hot cocoa, a chill in the air, Christmas songs in the grocery store, and doorbusters. So many busted doors. Ads fall like snowflakes telling us about all the amazing deals that we just absolutely need to take advantage of. We need to wake up at 3 in the morning, trek to the nearest big box store and elbow our way through the gathering crowd to get our hands on this amazing opportunity. The problem with this is that after fighting off rabid, pre-dawn shoppers, we’re left with the same Christmas gift as everyone else in the shopping mob. What we really need to be fighting for are unique Christmas gifts.


The doorbuster deals are awesome, I won’t dispute that. But they’re rarely for items that make for
unique Christmas gifts. Giving a new TV will probably elicit some giant smiles, but it will not stand the test of time. It will be forgotten because a new line of TVs come out every year, and the one you gave will be obsolete by next Christmas.


But unique Christmas gifts endure. They become precious memories unto themselves, like those
homemade ornaments hanging on your parents’ Christmas tree that you made in Kindergarten. They will always be tied to you and will always be thought of fondly.


Amazing unique Christmas gifts are something that only you could give, and only the recipient could get. Something that could only exist because the two of you exist. Like a custom comic book. You can tailor the story to your loved one. Illustrate an anecdote or memory you share, include some inside jokes, toss in some details that only mean something to the two of you. That gift will endure the test of time, and you won’t need to wake up before the son to get it.

06 Nov

Don’t be a Sitcom Bro – Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Guys, gift shopping is rough. There’s a lot of pressure to get the right gift. You have to show that you
listen, that you care, and that you understand her by giving her something thoughtful and reflective of who she is as a person. Initial Christmas gift ideas for her might be bland or generic. Take those gut reaction ideas and dump them in the trash right now, because they’re tired. Try something new.


So, if the typical Christmas gift ideas for her are losers, then what do you give? Well, first off, I was
probably too harsh on you right then. I apologize. Your instincts are garbage. They’re just wrong. But that’s not your fault. They’ve been poisoned by jewelry store commercials and sitcoms that paint men as bumbling fools who either completely forget to buy a gift, or totally blow it with some absurd gift like a lawnmower or something. Because dudes love lawnmowers, amiright? And we’ll find any excuse to buy ourselves a lawnmower. I’ve got three.


No, that’s all a lie. I have one lawnmower, and I use it sparingly. Men are not buffoons who fumble their way through the holiday season, tripping over themselves, trying to buy their way out of their mistakes. And women can’t be bought off with jewelry if they see through it as the empty gesture it is. They want a gift that means something. And men want to give one.


When brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for her, thoughtfulness, not price, needs to be the most
important criteria on the list. Something that shows you know her, that you pay attention, that you
know what she wants from life, what her innermost desires are. The perfect way to show you know
these things, is to have them illustrated for her. Get her a personalized comic book. Have a story tailored to her, showing her do all those things she wants to do, or craft a story around a cherished memory you both share. The possibilities are limitless.

04 Nov

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Boyfriends can be hard to shop for. What do they want? Nachos, video games, a lightsaber. The same things every boyfriend wants, right? But you can’t get him nachos for every occasion. Think of the queso stains. Think of his cheese breath. Remember the lamp he broke when he tried to recreate that Phantom Menace lightsaber battle? You need some new Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend.


This is the time of year when you show the guy that your thinking of him, that you truly know him, that you love him – if you’ve gotten that far. Have you used the “L” word yet? Maybe you should have that conversation. I mean, where’s this relationship going, anyway?

Anyway, Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend. It should be something personal. He can get a mug with his face on it from any office grab bag. It should be something that can only come from you. Your boyfriend should not get the same gift from you and Sally in accounting. If that happens, you lose at Christmas. Most importantly, it should be something that he likes. He should shout “Woot!” when he sees it. Uncontrollable exclamations of joy are a sign that you’ve won Christmas.


One of the best Christmas gift ideas for a boyfriend, one that blasts all of these criteria to smithereens, is a custom comic book. You can write the entire story if you want. Or you can toss out some bullet points. Put him in a battle for control of galaxy. Have him quest for a mythical ring and slay a dragon or two. Have him do something truly outlandish, and craft a comic book about him cleaning the kitchen. Don’t really do that, though, this should be his fantasy, not yours.

28 Oct

Christmas Present Ideas – Stick with the Classics

So, you’re looking for great Christmas present ideas. It’s a rough search. There are about a gillion things you could buy each person on your giving list this year, and a gillion places to buy them. And we live in a world where the newest version of each thing comes out every month, and you need to constantly upgrade, and the next best thing just dropped, and now that thing is obsolete, so you need to get the newest next best thing.

Christmas Present Ideas

Rapid advancement has made coming up with great Christmas present ideas surprisingly difficult. There are so many awesome, new things. How do you choose? You don’t. You go old school. Vintage is cool. Old is new. Vinyl is cool again. People wear jean jackets again. Full House came back. Great things always come back. The best things never go away.

Christmas Present Ideas

Like comic books. They’ve been around for close to a century, the first modern comic book released in 1933. The waxed and waned in popularity, but they’ve stuck around, and have become stronger than ever, spawning multibillion dollar franchises. You can read them on your phones now, but people still trek to their local comic shop every Wednesday to pick up the latest issues. They haven’t been replaced by the newest version. Obviously, something about comic books appeals to a great number of people.

Christmas Present Ideas

They are a timeless classic, and should be at the top of your list of great Christmas present ideas. Sure, you could pick up a stack of comics and tie them in a bow. There’s one for every reader out there. Or, you could create on specifically for your friends and loved ones. A customized comic book is sure to blast any of your other Christmas present ideas out of the sky.

Stick with the classics.

26 Oct

Socks are not Magical – Give a Creative Christmas Gift!

Christmas is upon us, and that mean…PRESENTS! The pressure is on to give something great to the people awesome enough to make your gift giving list. But what to get those people? What sort of gift is worthy of your friends and loved ones? You could grab a sweater off the rack or a fistful of gift cards – if you wanted to say to your friends, “Merry Christmas! I barely put any thought into this!” No, a creative Christmas gift are the way to go.

Let your imagination run wild. You need to give a creative Christmas gift to match the creativity of the holiday. Think about the story we tell around the tree every Christmas Eve as we roast our chestnuts and listen to Bing Crosby (the only reason we know who Bing Crosby is). A fat man in a red velvet suit loads a sack of toys that his elf army spent an entire year building from scratch into his sleigh, which is pulled through the air by magic flying reindeer. He then travels around the entire world in one night, breaking into children’s houses and leaving toys under a tree in their living room. After all that, I get socks?

A truly creative Christmas gift is a sure way to light up those eyes on Christmas morning. And what’s more creative than a custom comic book?

It can literally be a story about anything you can imagine. A unicorn is a third-grade teacher in a wilderness charter school. A unicorn has been elected president. Or it doesn’t have to be about unicorns at all. It can be about anything. And it can be as personalized as you want. You could ride a unicorn to work. You could fight crime as a superhero. With a unicorn sidekick. No, really, enough about unicorns.


It’s the season of joy, and there is nothing more joyful than seeing your wild imagination illustrated by professionals. And there is no more creative Christmas gift.

24 Oct

Show Your Spirit with a Personalized Christmas Gift

There is a lot of pressure on you to find the perfect gift for that someone special around the holidays. And the holiday season seems to get longer every year. Longer season, more pressure. Starting as soon as you toss your rotting jack o’lantern in the compost pile you start hearing Christmas carols in the supermarket. Well, save yourself the stress this year. Get that someone special a personalized Christmas gift.

It may seem like the more complicated option. “Why would I go through the hassle of getting a personalized Christmas gift when I can just shove their stocking full of gift cards or Double Bubble?” you may ask.

First, Double Bubble is gross. The only place you should be shoving it is in the compost heap alongside your decomposing jack o’lantern.

Second, gift cards are bland and impersonal. They do nothing to show the recipient that you’ve put any thought into the gift. Because, come on, you haven’t. You saw them hanging in the checkout line and was like “Blam! Shopping done!” Except, no. Shopping not done. Because the recipient is going to say “Oh, thanks. I’ve really been meaning to go to Red Lobster and get some of those cheddar biscuits. And now I can. Merry Christmas to me.” They will see straight through your shallow attempt at wooing them with seafood.


The point of gift giving is to show a person that your truly care, that you know them and are attentive. And nothing says that like a personalized Christmas gift. Give your loved ones a one-of-a-kind something that speaks to them, a truly original work of art that says, “I know you and I’m all about you”.

Something like a personalized comic book or poster. Your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, son or daughter, friend, mother, father, your boss or postal carrier – this a gift that anyone will love. Because who doesn’t want to see themselves flying through the air or saving the world or fighting back an army of zombies? Show you love someone by giving them a story that only you can tell.

Check out some ways to do it at

12 Oct

Are you Jim and Pam, or are you Dwight?

Quick, think of the best TV couple. I’ll wait….Was it Jim and Pam from the Office? I bet it was Jim and Pam.

Why? Because they’re awesome. They have a great “will they/won’t they story”. Tons of road blocks and adversity. Fights. Heartfelt confessions. Tons of laughs and great pranks. And that’s all before they got together.

What kept them together? What do you need to do to keep that Pam or Jim in your life? Perform some awesome romantic gestures. There have been some great examples in the long history of the office, but what was the greatest? The custom comic book.

Pam spent a whole year creating a custom comic book for Jim, which she gave him during the Office’s Classy Christmas. And how did he respond?



You may scoff at the notion of a comic book being a grand romantic gesture, so let’s break down the reason you are so horribly wrong.

First, comics are, as Jim said, awesome. What were once relegated to the musty basements of many a nerd are now absolutely everywhere. Comic shops are returning. You can buy and read thousands of comics dating back to the sixties on your phone. Every other show on TV is based on a comic book. Some of the biggest movies of the last decade are based on comic books. Robert Redford was in a Captain America movie. Robert Redford is so much cooler than so many people.

There is no stigma to reading and enjoying comics anymore. They are part of mainstream pop culture.

Second, they’re art. And art is romantic. People sometimes forget or gloss over that astounding and mind-blowing art that can be found in comic books. And this isn’t “good for a comic book” art. This is just good art. Look at the work of Fiona Staples or Bill Senkiewicz or Alex Ross or try to deny that they produce breathtaking, gorgeous artwork. Sure, you could buy your significant other an oil painting of some rolling hills and a sunset. Or you could give them 22 pages of Alex Ross paintings, which just so happen to feature Spider-Man swinging through New York.


Third, a custom comic is an intimate, personal project that takes a lot of work to pull off. This isn’t a greeting card that you pluck out of a supermarket aisle. This a story crafted specifically for the recipient through days of work from several different skilled people. Writer, editor, penciler, colorist, letterer – all put their souls into their work to create something beautiful for you.

Now, that’s romantic. And awesome.

So, be a Pam or Jim, and give something worthy of your love ones. Don’t be a Dwight. No one likes beets. Beets are not awesome.

11 Oct

Order Your First Anniversary Gift From Your Comic Story

Every anniversary has a theme; for example, the 15th anniversary is the crystal anniversary and the 25th is the silver anniversary. Well, the first anniversary is traditionally the paper anniversary. While that might sound on the surface to be dull, it can actually be a very romantic and exciting gift. At Your Comic Story, we can create custom comic books and posters for your first anniversary gift. They will honor the traditional gift for the first anniversary while also being something memorable and romantic.
First Anniversary Gift
The first anniversary gift is one that honors the year you just had and establishes a tradition for the future. For example, if you buy a custom comic book or custom superhero poster for your loved one on the first anniversary, you can follow that theme through the years. The fifth anniversary is the wood anniversary; you could work with us to create a humorous comic book about your partner and wood-based superpowers. We could create a custom poster that you have mounted onto an elegant wooden frame.
There are endless possibilities for the themed gifts we can create with you. It all begins with the first anniversary gift ideas. That establishes eh trend and creates the tradition.
Linking to Other Holidays
Working with us on your first anniversary gift is a great way to create an entire range of gifts for other holidays. For example, if you buy a custom poster for your paper anniversary, you could then order a corresponding custom comic book for your spouse’s birthday. You could have postcards designed with your custom characters when you go on vacation. Since we can create so many different products built around custom animation and custom art, we can help you create gifts for just about every occasion.
These gifts will capitalize and expand on the tradition you began with your first anniversary gift.
One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas
A custom comic book is one of the most popular gifts for a one year anniversary gift; it honors the tradition of the paper holiday but it also gives you the opportunity to tell the story of your first year. An anniversary is all about honoring the year that has just passed. If you want to celebrate your first year together, working with us to create a custom story is a great way to do that. In the space of a few pages, you can tell the story of the last year and how special it has been to you.
Relationships are all about stories; people always want to know how you met, how your proposal happened, etc. Your first year together is just another story. Let us help you tell it.
Other Occasions
As stated earlier, buying a custom poster or comic book for your first anniversary gift is a great way to create a trend that you can extend to other holidays. We can create posters for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We have created posters and comic books for birthdays and wedding proposals. We can help you celebrate just about any occasion you can think of. Contact us with your ideas; we’d love to work with you.
10 Oct

Celebrate Your Paper Anniversary With a Custom Gift from Your Comic Story!

An anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your love with someone; it’s a moment to mark the past year that you have been together and all the years prior to that. Furthermore, it marks your hopes for the years to come. If it’s your very first anniversary, it’s a chance to establish traditions and create stellar memories. You should make sure you do it right. How do you do an anniversary right? First, you need to have the right gift.
The Paper Anniversary
Every anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it; in many cases, there is also a modern gift. The United States and the United Kingdom have similar traditions that overlap at times but they are sometimes different. Americans celebrate the first anniversary as the paper anniversary, whereas it is the second anniversary in the UK. Whichever the case, you should think long and hard about how you want to celebrate it.
A custom poster or comic book is a great way to celebrate your first (or second) anniversary. Custom posters and comic books are created by professional writers and artists who work with you to create a gift for that special someone in your life.



Custom Gifts
A custom gift shows your loved one that you went above and beyond by creating something specifically for them. If you’re looking for a paper gift, they are a great choice. As stated earlier, the paper anniversary is a pivotal moment in your relationship. It marks the end of your first year together and signifies your hopes for the many years to come. In many ways, it is the beginning of a journey together;it’s just the first signpost along the way. You want to celebrate that first mile market with something that they will keep and cherish.
Other anniversaries can be celebrated with vacations or something temporal; for the paper anniversary, you want something that special someone can keep forever. A custom comic book or custom poster is a great choice.
Transform Your Loved One
When you choose a custom poster or custom comic book for your paper anniversary, you can transform your loved one into the superhero that they are to you. For comic book and superhero fans, they can become their favorite characters. Even if they’re not comic book fans, you can transform them into a hero.



A comic book or poster is one of many great paper anniversary gift ideas. If you’re looking for something for that special day, you should look to us. However, we can do more than just paper anniversary gifts. If you’re looking for a gift for any occasion, we have something for you.
We can create marriage proposal ideas and wedding invitations for the couple that hasn’t reached its first anniversary. When you get to the paper anniversary, you can create a gift that matches your proposal and your wedding invites. We can make gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and just about any special occasion.
If you’re looking for something for someone special or if you just want to see yourself drawn up as a superhero, contact us. We would love to hear from you.